Times are changing – some of the traditional marketing techniques and tactics that worked so well for artists and framers ten years ago are ineffective in today’s digital world. We all have to “keep up with the times” to remain competitive in today’s marketplace to not be left behind. And if you are like most companies, finding a new cost-effective and no-cost online approach that works is something you want as part of your marketing strategy.

Here’s where using video and Facebook Live come in – if you create these no-cost videos, they have the potential to be incredibly successful in the age of social media. They can simultaneously help you build up your business, give your customers an inside look into who you are, and increase your credibility. How’s that for helping you get your message out there?

What Does Making a Facebook Live Video Involve?      
Once you’ve decided that Facebook Live is something that your company should consider, don’t let it intimidate you! You don’t need a fancy camera, advanced editing skills, or an elaborate set design. These types of videos are all about the authenticity of living in the moment.

Before You Broadcast Live
Before it’s “lights, camera, action,” you’ll need to do a little homework. Make sure you know how to operate your phone camera, invest in a tripod to keep things steady, make sure you have a good Wi-Fi connection, your lighting is good, and that you have a microphone on (most internal phone microphones are not powerful enough). Pick a good location, a good time where your audience will be available to view your broadcast, and practice until you are comfortable.     

Plan ahead of time what topics, events, products, etc. you want to discuss. You can talk about trending frame designs, bring in an intriguing artist to reveal their latest piece, or go behind the scenes to show your audience your art gallery or manufacturing space. Engage with your viewers – hold Q&A sessions, teach them something through a demonstration or tutorial, announce a contest winner – the options are limitless!       

During Your Live Broadcast
Once you have everything planned out, you are ready to go live! Smile and confidently introduce yourself, be authentic and likable, and make sure to involve your audience. People join in on live broadcasts throughout the duration (not just at the beginning) so periodically say things like “if you are just joining us, welcome.” Address comments as they come in, give your viewers shout-outs, and at the end of your broadcast don’t forget to thank them remind them to follow you.    

After Your Broadcast is Over
Whew! You did it; it’s over. Now what? Before you delve right into making your next live video, take a minute and analyze your results. You can measure aspects of your performance by using metrics on Facebook. You can see how many unique views you had, how many people you reached, what people were commenting on, and look at peaks for reactions.

Video and Facebook Live help you provide entirely new and unique content to your audience and can make a significant impact on your business – all at little to no-cost too! Your viewers can become leads, and those leads can become customers. It’s safe to say, video should be an essential component of your marketing plan.


Elijah Litscher is the Founder and Chief Digital Strategist at The Loop Marketing, a Chicago based Web Design and Online Marketing company. Elijah is a speaker, author, and an educator on all topics related to digital marketing and has advised hundreds of small businesses on their online strategies.