As you approach the season of expressing gratefulness, it is important to identify the best ways to show your customers just how valued they are.  You want to make them feel special in hopes that they remain loyal to your business for years to come. You can exemplify the human aspect of your brand by building customer loyalty and creating personal connections.  Many consumers feel that appreciation for them as customers is an essential part of providing excellent care and it does not need to be an extravagant gesture. You just need to show that there is a real human behind the scenes that is trustworthy of delivering quality products and service.  As we advise you on the best ways to delight your customers, you should decide on a structured process that will work for you and your team to ensure that gratitude is routinely expressed.


  1. 1. Handwritten thank you notes

You might be thinking that thank you notes are a thing of the past but actually they’re one of the simplest and most meaningful sentiments to help build ongoing connections with your customers.  When confirming initial orders with your clients, you will most likely take down their information including their name, address and phone number. In addition to that bit of information, you and your staff should also share meaningful conversations with them in your store.  Elements of those conversations can be included in that special note. When you reference certain tidbits of what was spoken about, they will know that the note is specifically for them and they will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Make sure you use quality stationary with your company’s logo so that when they read your kind words, they will immediately think of your store and your exceptional service. They will, without a doubt, be impressed when you reference specific details from your in-store conversation – Something as specific as “We hope you love your custom frame of your granddaughter Hayden’s high school graduation photo! We are wishing her an exciting and successful start at New York University in the fall!” Always sign off warmly and professionally.   


  1.   2. Post-purchase discounts

Rewarding your customers with discounts and coupons on their next purchase is the perfect way to show you value their patronage and almost always guarantees their return to your store.  It’s important to keep in mind the times to gift your customers with discounts. Not only can you extend the gesture to new customers upon check out in your store but also you should periodically organize a mail-out around the holidays and other special occasions such as graduation season, birthdays, etc.  The customer will check the mail and see a coupon and an insert on your company’s stationery that says something like “Because we value you and your loyalty to us, here is a $10 coupon off your next purchase. We hope to see you soon! Happy Holidays!” Not only will this remind them of their most recent interaction with you at the store and their satisfaction with their new custom frame but this will also help them with future gift ideas for someone else.  The hope is that either they will return for their next framing project or that someone else receives a product they’re so impressed by that they will want to come in and place their own order. Now that is how you successfully grow your business by taking the extra step to say thank you!


  1. 3. Showcase your customers

As you are well aware, we live in an era where social media is crucial to business.  We hope you have an online presence for your brand where you interact with your clientele and that you understand the power social media has on growing your business.  One of the greatest ways to show you are thankful for them as customers is by showing off their projects and giving them credit for their talents. All types of people come to your store to showcase their accomplishments and talents; artists, athletes, scholars, musicians, etc.  Whether they need the perfect custom molding to compliment their latest piece of art or they want to display their first guitar in their music studio, this is an excellent time to show that they impress you and to make them feel valued.  Simply take a photo of the project on-hand, post to your social media account and give an honorable mention to your customer. For example, you could say something like “We are happy to announce @BobbyDuvall’s newest collection of fine art.  We were so pleased to be asked to frame such beautiful pieces. Check out his collection now at the Downtown Center of Art until the end of December”. Use hashtags in your posts such as #customframing #artist #Chicagoartist so other prospects can find your page, see the quality of service you provide and know to come to your store.  


It is always worth the extra few steps to make your customers feel special and to know that you appreciate their business.  We guarantee that the above strategies will do just that. Saying thank you doesn’t need to cost you a ton of money and doesn’t take very much effort.  Make sure your team is on board with these new tactics to express gratitude for your customers’ business. Get ready to feel their loyalty to your store and quality care!