Expanding Business Capabilities with an Outsourced Manufacturer in High Volume Picture Frame Production

Gemini offers high volume picture frame production to help companies expand their business. By putting our focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness, we can help broaden your offerings and give you the competitive edge to pursue bigger framing programs than you may be able to handle internally. The use of lean manufacturing concepts, skilled processes, and state-of-the-art equipment, as well as internal design/prototype/blind-ship capabilities, means that Gemini is perfectly positioned to help you fulfill any size project.

Companies that employ an outsourced manufacturer enjoy many tangible and intangible benefits that they otherwise would not. Making the choice to outsource manufacturing and fulfillment or not is often crucial to the success of a business. Here are some of the top reasons why our clients choose to utilize our high volume frame production.

  • 1. Direct and indirect cost savings

When a company chooses to outsource manufacturing, they often find that they save money across their entire operations. They don’t need to pay employees to learn new skills they don’t have or pay to hire new employees that do have those skills. Hiring can also be especially challenging in times of historically low unemployment rates.  

It is less expensive to pay a specialized manufacturer to produce a product at scale than it is to pay the salaries of new employees that are producing a product in-house because smart partnerships turn labor to a variable rather than a fixed cost.

Additionally, there is no capital loss to the initial set up of an in-house shop, which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars after you account for all of the equipment needed.  Steps need to be taken to collect dust to meet EPA, dust collection systems are expensive and take a lot of physical space. By outsourcing, these initial fixed investment costs and regulatory setups can be avoided completely.

  • 2. Lowering the barrier to entry for faster growth

When a business is tied up with setting up production and fulfillment, it stifles the company’s ability to do anything else. Outsourcing allows internal resources to focus exclusively on core products, marketing, and operations. Ultimately, outsourcing lets a company do what they do best while Gemini takes care of the rest.  The barrier to entry is lowered, and companies can start competing faster for faster growth.

  • 3. Higher quality products and reliable fulfillment

Gemini has had decades of experience in high volume frame production…and with it, we’ve had ample time to smooth out our design-and-build process. Our expertise cannot be understated — the learning curve that the production of high-quality frames comes with is a steep one. A newly set up in-house shop will have to work through all of the challenges of the production process rapidly, which will undoubtedly hinder the quality of the products created. We also have access to the best professional equipment as well as professional-grade frame components. When you outsource your manufacturing to us, you can be confident that the products you receive will be of the highest quality and your delivery will be on time. This will have direct benefits for your company’s reputation, which is critical for both online as well as brick and mortar businesses.  Product reviews can make or break any business.

  • 4. Accelerated and more cost-effective delivery

Our production team has the equipment to mass-produce frames quickly in order to shorten the time between placing an order and receiving the products. Aside from having a shorter production time, Gemini is located in the Midwest, which is closer to 40% of the population. We can cut delivery times by up to 2-4 days, whereas delivery from in-house manufacturers farther away tends to be slower and less competitive. In-house shipping and delivery is also expensive, especially as fuel costs rise year to year. Outsourcing manufacturing and fulfillment to Gemini saves a company in fuel and freight costs, which could add up to thousands of dollars a year.

  • 5. Time savings

Outsourcing high volume frame production to Gemini means a company has one less thing to worry about. If a company saves time by partnering with Gemini, they’ll likely see an improvement in workplace culture and clutter. Additionally, the amount of time employees have to focus on operations like internal business management, marketing, and financial planning often correlates to the increase of the company’s bottom line. Let Gemini take care of production so you can focus your resources on the essential operations that keep your business running successfully.

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Expanding Business with an Outsourced Manufacturer

At Gemini, we know how hard businesses have to work to gain traction. By choosing to outsource manufacturing to us, you’ll enjoy a vast range of benefits, including cost savings, and a potential increase of your bottom line. Let us work hard to produce the highest-quality frames, so you can better serve your customers and focus on the day-to-day operations that truly matter. Please call 800-323-3575 X 4002/4153 to speak with Ted Jung or Courtney Wright or find us online at geminibuildsit.com for more information about our high volume picture frame production.