Our shipping area got a face lift not long ago with two large scale banners that were designed to not only hide clutter, but to act as a focal point at the entrance to Gemini’s production area. High resolution photography, layout and design, printing, and installation of the banners were done on site by a team of employees.

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Gemini Builds It! recently hit the road to Las Vegas for the annual West Coast Art & Frame Show from Jan 27-29. Unfortunately, our booth hit the road too – literally – and was destroyed in a vehicle rollover. This Lion was a labor of love, created using 4’ art panels that were designed, engineered, printed, and framed in-house using TruVue Optium Museum acrylic as well as TruLife Digital Printed Acrylic. An acrylic header with 3D acrylic letters and printed side panels finished it off. We are sad that he didn’t get to make his grand appearance, but grateful to those who stopped by our booth to say hello. If we can help you create a show- stopper for your next event, give us a call! 





Gemini Job Title: Manager of Automation & Creative Production

Favorite place to be: Los Angeles, CA or anywhere on the west coast

Favorite Quote: “You don’t get what you wish for, you get what you work for.”

Most rewarding part of my job:  Being able to turn an idea into reality. I love working with my hands and my mind so creating the idea, then rendering and actually producing a physical product is always a great experience. 





Did you know that 1 in 110 children are born with CHD, or congenital heart defects, making it the most common birth defect? Because February is American Heart Month, we have chosen an organization that supports these little hearts as our focus. A Giving Heart Foundation funds important research at Lurie Children’s Hospital and Rush Medical Center, helping to transform the lives of these kids and give them the childhood they deserve. To donate, please visit www.AGHF.org/donate or talk with your driver – they would be happy to pick up a check addressed to “AGHF” on your next scheduled delivery. For every $5 donated, you will receive a raffle ticket to win a Starbucks gift card! We thank you in advance for your participation. 

Contact Kristen at 1-800-323-3575 ex 4125 if you’d like to hear more about our monthly donation drives or have a suggestion of a deserving charity for a future drive.