As you have likely heard, the Coronavirus is causing global panic, both within the health industry and across global commerce markets. The outbreak has forced Chinese plants to close for extended periods of time, resulting in significant delays and supply bottlenecks. This is causing panic within the picture frame sub sector and prices are soaring.

As our valued clients, we want you to take comfort in the knowledge that Gemini is maintaining our infrastructure and inventory on hand to alleviate this potential disruption and get us out of this jam! 

As a leading frame manufacturer, we are uniquely designed to handle frame manufacturing because of our newest installation of the Fletcher-Terry Automated Auto Saw. We are proud to be the only independent distributor in America to have this state-of-the-art machinery to ensure the best quality frames in the most timely manner. With the use of the Fletcher-Terry Automated Auto Saw, we are able to run production 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, producing at the highest speed possible.

For more information about our high volume picture frame production, give us a call at 800-323-3575 or send us an email and let us see what we can build for you!