This wall is the first thing you see when you walk into this bedroom, but it wasn’t very inspired. Working closely with the designer and securing all the correct wall measurements, we rendered a layout of a new gallery wall of photos that stretched from the top point all the way to the floor. We envisioned a combination of different sized images along with a mix of white frames and mats to pull the design together with the rest of the room and to give the wall variety and visual interest. Then, using a selection of the homeowner’s vacation images converted to black and white, we chose pictures to go in each spot and numbered them to make production and installation quick and efficient. The results?

A WOW! By beautifully tying together both the look and feel of the room with the personal memories of the homeowner, the dramatic new gallery wall truly gives this room a deserving focal point. The client was so impressed we received this email the day of install: “I have really high expectations and this exceeded it. All your hard work – it really showed.” This gorgeous bedroom (as well as the rest of the house) was recently featured in the Hinsdale Kitchen Walk.