Social media is in most everyone’s hands — all you need to stay connected in the modern world is a phone, tablet, or laptop with internet access. According to a study published earlier this year by the Pew Research Center, the average American is plugged into three of the eight major social media sites (Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). With social media being as far-reaching as it is, there’s no doubt that it is a valuable and worthwhile tool for brands and companies to use.

With an effective social media strategy, brands can unlock their digital marketing potential and showcase products and services to as thousands of potential customers. Social media can also serve as a way to maintain constant contact with current customers to ensure the brand stays top-of-mind and influence future sales. In order to be successful on social sites, brands need to establish an intentional and clear social media approach so they don’t waste time getting caught in the weeds of customer interactions. Here are our five favorite examples of strategies that will save time and increase sales this holiday season.  


5 Time-Saving Social Media Strategies to Increase Holiday Sales


  • 1. Be smart about your content


Invest time in carefully managing and planning your social media content schedule to avoid wasting time creating meaningless or unsuccessful content that doesn’t positively increase sales. Know that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to create good content for your social sites. Instead, consider repurposing already well-performing content from your recent ad campaign, email newsletter, or site blog. To maintain your brand’s position as an industry leader, consider sharing a relevant article or commentary about local or worldwide news that is relevant to your company. Your goal in creating social content is twofold: One, to communicate important information about your brand (including your values and upcoming sales), and two, to start a conversation that shows potential and current customers that you are involved in the larger happenings in your industry.


  • 2. Harmonize your content across all social channels


Repurposing content across social channels is also an effective time-saving social media strategy that helps brands work smarter, not harder. Similar to how you might repurpose content from your company’s site blog or newsletter, with minimal tweaking, you can post similar content to all of the company’s social site profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). As a caveat, you’ll want to avoid doing this frequently if online marketing statistics suggest the company has a mostly identical following from one social site to the next.


  • 3. Invest in the right tool(s)


The right social media management tool is an important aspect of a brand’s digital marketing strategy. There are dozens of effective tools you can invest in for a small fee (or for free in select cases) that will save a brand a significant amount of time. We’ve found that the most effective social media tools are the ones that are one-stop shops — they allow a brand to schedule posts at the same time as they deliver reliable performance statistics about those posts after they’ve been published. We really like the tools suggested in this article, which does a nice job laying out a few popular social media tools and how each one can be used to save time and increase sales.


  • 4. Utilize influencer marketing and leverage user-generated content


Social media influencers used to only be law of the land for Business to Consumer companies, but Business to Business companies are starting to hop on board, too. Consider establishing an influencer or ambassador program in which the company offers free or heavily discounted products or services to industry-relevant social media users with a large following in return for posts about the products/services. The brand saves time and takes advantage of influencer posts that play a huge part in the brand’s digital marketing efforts. If an influencer program doesn’t seem like a good fit for your brand, an alternative option is to leverage user-generated content. Encourage clients and customers to tag your brand via social media sites, and then “retweet” or “share” those posts as part of your social media content schedule.


  • 5. Prioritize quality over quantity


This is one the most important strategies for saving time and increasing sales that we’ve listed here. It goes hand-in-hand with being smarter about your content schedules and creation, so the theory behind it is the same: You shouldn’t try to reinvent the wheel when it comes to your social media editorial calendar. Just focus on creating high-quality social media content, rather than simply a large quantity of mediocre content. You’ll find you have much more success on returns when the content is relevant and engaging, even if those posts occur weekly instead of daily. The same goes for the word count of social media content — it’s better to use fewer, higher-quality words to ensure snappy and attention-grabbing communications with potential customers.